10 Motorcycle Hacks to Help Make Long Tours Easier

10 Motorcycle Hacks to Help Make Long Tours Easier

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There is a big difference between cruising to the beach for a day, and cruising up and down the South American coast for a week. An Andes Moto Tour takes some careful planning beforehand, and a lot of consideration for the what if’s of motorcycle riding. Here are some hacks from some real riders who take these long journey’s in stride:

  1. Put your most often used items in the outside of the right saddlebag. This makes it easier to get to when your bike is parked on its kickstand.
  2. To protect your hands from the cold as you climb the Andes mountains, use loose hunter mittens over your regular riding gloves. This helps you to retain your own body heat better.
  3. Always carry a full set of extra fuses. A small problem can be a big hassle if you are up in the mountains with not a repair shop in sight.
  4. Patch kit because ditto on the tire repair shop when you are in the middle of no where with a flat.
  5. Always have an extra key on your person when travelling. Things happen when you are far from home, and it would take days before you could receive a package with your extra keys inside. A single key tucked inside of your wallet is a perfect solution.
  6. Keep a microfiber towel and can of Plexus to clean your face shield with. There are big bugs in the Andes, and you’re going to need something to clean them off of with.
  7. Bring along a konjac sponge for fast face washes. These eliminate the need for a bunch of soaps, but will still make sure all that dirt and grime is cleaned off of your face every night. Small and lightweight, a konjac sponge won’t even make a dent in your bag full of personal items – plus, it’s all natural, which is a huge positive in today’s market and society.
  8. Baby wipes or wet ones are also good to have handy to help you stay clean during your road trip. Bathrooms are not always going to be easy to find, and when you do, don’t expect luxury accommodations.
  9. Attach your travel documents to the inside top of the topcase using industrial strength Velcro so that you know they are never left behind.
  10. Use a small foam section to divide your side case. This can then be easily removed to save your knees, elbows or butt if you have to do a quick bike repair on the side of the road.


Long term bike travel is not always easy, but with common sense and ingenuity, you can prepare ahead for those little problems that are sure to arrive. If you have any travel hacks for motorcyclists, we’d love to hear about them in comments.

What You Should Not Pack for Your Motorcycle Tour of the Andes Mountains

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It typically goes like this, a bike rider getting ready for a tour will do some searching to find out what they should pack. Then, once they have everything together they start adding stuff they consider essential. They may even be thinking “Why didn’t they list this too?” It wasn’t listed because it won’t be needed, and furthermore it will most likely hinder your trip. So let’s just cut to the chase and talk about what you won’t need for your tour:

Think about the amount of space you have with a motorcycle. Two boxes that are about the same size as the box your boots came in, and a top box that a woman’s purse barely fits inside of. Space is key here, and you need to considering that with every item you pack for your trip.

Fancy Camera Equipment

Yes you are going to see spectacular sites and views along your trip through South America, but you don’t need an expensive camera, group of lenses and a tripod to capture the moment. If you have a decent cell phone then that camera should do just fine in taking your pics for you.

Bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion, Etc.

Take with you only one trial sized bottle of each. One. A really cool aspect about traveling through poor nations is that everything is sold as a single. You are actually going to find for sale packets of shampoo, and anything else along the way that won’t take up a ton of space.

shampooAnything Other than a Basic Sleeping Bag

Don’t bring any pillows, or inflatable mattresses or that portable infrared blanket you use at home. As beneficial that infrared blanket may be, there is no use for it in the wilderness. Portable does not mean you have to take it everywhere, so in this case leave your portable sauna at home and enjoy the benefits all you want in it once your tour is finished.


There are going to be so many places to stop along the way that you are never going to even think about those cans of stew you have stowed away. With the exception of bottled water and maybe a candy bar, don’t pack your bags full of food. Coffee junkie? You are going to South America, the fresh coffee bean haven and land of the single serve if you want hot coffee at your campsite in the morning.

There are a lot of people who will say that when packing, lay out your clothes to bring and then put half back in your closet. This is wise advice when getting ready to cruise around the Andes on your motorcycle. Remember, the lighter your gear the faster your bike.

Will Camping in the Wilderness Be a Part of Your Andes Moto Tour?

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camping_gearIf you are planning your Andes Moto trip and think you will be holing up in 5 star hotels every night think again. The majority of your nights will be spent under the stars out in the wilderness. The following are some tips on how you can make the most of your camping adventures in the Andes Mountains.

What Type of Camping Gear Will You Need?

Plan on some wet weather when traveling in South America, so your camping gear should all waterproof. Start with a family sized camping tent. You will find review sites helpful in picking out one that will keep you dry, yet is lightweight. You will want to make sure as well that is has a front flap that juts out so that your boots will stay dry without you having to bring them inside.

For added protection from the cold and wet ground you will want a sleeping pad to put between the bottom of the tent and your sleeping bag. This too should be waterproof for maximum comfort. Your sleeping bag will go on top of the pad and should have a waterproof outer coating with a liner inside.

There are going to be dozens of small stops on your trip where you can get a bite of the local cuisine. For the most part you won’t be spending a lot of money at these local restaurants, but you will still want a camping stove that is reliable to fix yourself a cup of morning coffee before heading out. The bare essentials in cutlery, cups and plates is best to keep you from getting too weighed down.

All of your camping gear should be able to fit inside of a medium sized waterproof duffel bag. You don’t want anything too bulky to slow you down, but you have to remember to bring all of your essentials. If you think you may be doing some hiking in the mountains than think about bringing your gear in a backpacking backpack rather than a bag. These have generous storage space and are easy to carry around without getting in your way.

Other Camping Essentials

A good hunting or multi-purpose knife is a must when traveling through the Andes. This will come in useful for opening bottles and cans of food, cutting wood and setting up your tent. You should also have with you a quality compass to make sure that you never lose your way while in the wilderness.

Please Leave No Trace

While there are some parts of South America that are modern, the vast majority is untamed wilderness inhabited both by local people and animals. To help maintain their beautiful environment please be sure that you leave your campsite exactly the way you found it, even if that means carrying around some of your trash until you get to a large town.

This is a truly once in a lifetime experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. To get the most fun from your Andes-moto tour, have the right  gear with you and expect the unexpected.

Side Excursions You Can’t Resist While Moto-touring South America

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South America is a diverse continent where one day you can feel like you are where no one has ridden before, and the next you are in a major metropolis full of bright lights and incredible people. When planning your Andes moto-tour try your upmost to leave extra time to get off of your bike and do some more exploring.

Along the way, you are going to find beautiful lakes that beg to be fished in, sporting clubs that offer unique challenges, and tiny villages where you can learn a skill that you never knew you needed.

Brazil’s Amazon Basin: Don’t forget to grab a fishing pole when heading to South America. Not only do its shore lines offer some of the most interesting nooks to cast fish off of, the Amazon Basin is a massive array of streams, rivers, and lakes. Spend a day on the shores of one of the seemingly never before seen rivers and you are going to feast on bass or even paiche for dinner. One word of warning though, there are piranha sharing some of those waters, so be wary before dunking a toe inside.

Argentina’s Hunting Environment: All of South America is teeming with wildlife big and small, and in Argentina, recurve bow hunting for game has become very popular. With forests full of oversized capybara and red stag, you should have no trouble taking aim with your recurve bow and making the shot. You will enjoy spending some time in this lush forest environment, breathing in fresh air and taking in its unique sights and sounds. Catching dinner for the week is an added bonus.


Bolivia’s Isla del Sol: You’ll have to leave the bike on the mainland for this excursion, but it will be well worth it. There are a number of tiny villages dotting this small island, but still only a couple of thousand inhabitants. Get to see South American ancient cultures at work, and play in this oasis where cars and cell phones and laptops do not exist. The traffic jams are caused by herding llamas, and the only missed call will be the one telling you its time for lunch. This is the must do excursion in South America if you really want a taste of what life should be like.

Moto crossing across the countries of South America is an exciting adventure, especially when you get off of the bike. Every one of your senses is tickled by amazing sights, new sounds and cuisine you have never heard of. Plan your trip accordingly, and make sure you take in as much as you can of this amazing continent.

What to Eat When Your Andes Tour Takes You to Columbia

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When you are riding your bike through Columbia, you are going to find an array of rich cuisine. With the geographical differences and immigrant influences, Columbian food is some of the most diverse in the world. You will find exotic food, comfort food and even some dishes that are not for the faint of heart.

Here is the perfect 5 course meal for the hungry biker exploring the Columbian landscape:


Sweet corn is grown throughout all of Latin America and used in dozens of recipes. In Columbia it is combined with potatoes to make a rich and savory soup. Using a blend of herbs indigenous to the landscape, fresh grown corn and local milk – Ajiaco – potato and corn soup is the perfect starter for your Columbian supper.


Of course on every dinner table there should be a plate or basket full of some type of bread. In most Latin American countries, this would be tortillas, but in Columbia it is the Aborrajado. Instead of corn or even wheat, Columbians use a sweet plantain to adorn the table. Cut and stuffed with cheese, the banana like fruit is then dipped in batter and placed inside of a deep fryer until golden brown. The instant heat from the deep fryer melts the cheese to perfection, and cooks the plantain without it falling apart. Even if you are just looking for a snack during your Columbian travels, this will hit the spot.


Side Dish

Truly unique to Columbia is a side of rice cooked with raisins and Coca Cola. Using the soda instead of water creates an interestingly sweet rice that gets balanced by the use of onion. You can have rice anywhere, but not quite as different as this Columbian side.

Main Dish

Columbians have an unusual method for cooking cuts of prime beef as well. Lomo al trapo is beef tenderloin that is covered in salt and a towel and then roasted directly on top of hot coals. The end result is a steak full of natural flavor that has retained its tenderness.


Again using sweet corn, Columbians make a cake-like dessert that is really too creamy to call cake, but too solid to call pudding. Torta de choclo with a fresh cup of local Columbian coffee is the ideal ending to your Columbian feast.

A large part of embarking on a trip like an Andes tour is getting the opportunity to indulge in local foods and customs. While there is going to be a familiar fast food chain restaurant here and there, the better way to enjoy the trip is by fully immersing yourself in the country and its traditions. Make it a point to enjoy a new experience with each bite to eat, and your foray into South America will be a treat for all the senses.

Must Stops on Your Andes Moto Tour See

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South America is a diverse pocket of the world that is rich in history and culture. If you are fortunate enough to be touring the area on your motorcycle, there are a number of places where you must park the bike and take the time to explore.

The Andes Mountains sprawl for over 4,300 miles down the western portion of the South American continent. With and abundance of wild animals, incredible jungles and magnificent views, a motorcyclist is going to find dozens of surprises along his tour.


When you feel like stretching your legs a bit, there is an incredible number of hiking opportunities that could last for just a few hours, or for days. You can hike into the Inca ruins and their lost city, or check out the volcanoes of Ecuador. There are even lakes in the Andes mountains that are worth you leaving the bike on the side and taking plunge into the cool alpine waters.

Unique Cities

Urban tourism in South America is also a once in a lifetime event. These cities surrounded by mountain are full of life and embrace tourism. If your moto tour starts close to the city of Quibido in Columbia, make sure to catch an act from musical genius’ Chocquibtown. This local hip hop band is making a big scene in the latin music industry. With no musical training, not even online singing lessons, this trio has already been awarded a Latin Grammy. Even if you did start to learn how to sing online tomorrow, it is doubtful that you would receive the recognition that this Chocquibtown has already earned.

Market Shopping

In almost all of the smaller villages scattered in the Andes mountains, Sunday is market day. If your moto tor has you close to Cuenca, Ecuador on a Sunday, take a half hour away excursion to Gualace. Here you will find one of the largest markets in the region where you can everything from livestock to handmade jewelry and clothing. This is also a great stop to try the local cuisine. Markets on Sundays are teeming with vendors selling ready to eat local dishes. Peru also has an incredible market on Sundays in the small town of Pisac. This is more of a tourist market though, and you may find the prices are slightly higher.

What to Expect on Your Andes Tour

While riding your motorcycle through the Andes mountains, you should expect anything to happen. Be prepared to travel off of the beaten path once in a while to explore exciting parts of the area. South America is not cheap, so bring plenty of money and have a backup plan in place in case you need more.

The most important aspect of your Andes mototour is that you have fun. This is an adventure of a lifetime, that you should be taking full advantage of by getting off the bike from time to time, and taking in the richness of your surroundings.

Booking an Andes Moto Tour: Visas For Canadians Who are Visiting South America

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The Andes draw motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world. A moto tour into those majestic mountains is a dream come true for bikers. Before booking your trip from your home in Victoria to the great mountain range of South America, make sure that you are going to be granted visas for all of your travels.

Crossing the border to MexicoThe Andes mountain range extends through 7 South American countries. Some with their own rules and regulations about who may enter and how. Since you will be riding down to South America, unless you plan on renting a bike, you are going to be traveling through all of the Northern and Central Americas before reaching the northern reach of the mountain range in Columbia.

With all of this International travel through several countries, it is best that you first discuss your plans with a Vancouver immigration attorney. Even though an immigration attorney in Canada (even Surrey) is responsible for helping people immigrate into the country, they also will have a wealth of information about traveling outside of it. For example, an immigration attorney in Victoria will tell you that despite what you may have read, a Canadian should never leave the country without a valid passport. In fact, some countries will not allow entry if there is less than six months left on your Canadian passport.

What Countries Will You Be Passing Through?

Leaving from Vancouver, you will first be entering the United States on the Western Coast. To save yourself some time and miles, do not head straight south towards Tijuana. Instead, head South East and plan on entering Mexico through an eastern Texas border town. Mexican officials at the border will check your passport and charge you a fee for passing through the country. The visa they issue you will reflect the amount of time that you are allowed to be in the country, so make sure that you are crossing its southern border within that time limit.

Since you are entering on the east end of Mexico, you will head due south to Chiapas, and the border between Mexico and Guatemala. Guatemala will give you a 90 day Visa for the equivalent of 10 dollars US. The nice thing is that this visa is good for the next country to pass through, El Salvador, and even beyond into Honduras. As you can see, this is not a simple adventure to make on your motorcycle, but the Andes moto tour will make it worth the while.

Once out of Honduras there is a series of other small countries to pass through, Nicaragua, Belize and Panama, before hitting Columbia and the start of the Andes mountain range. At all of these borders your passport will be scrutinized and visas checked. Make sure that you have your moto tour details handy to show the intent of your travel.

Even once in South America, if you plan on traveling with an Andes moto tour to the Southern end, plan on passing through another 7 countries. All of which will ask for your passport and charge you a fee for a temporary visa. None of this will matter anymore as you are riding the open road in one of the most majestic landscapes in the world.


Dress Essentials For an Andes Moto Tour

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When you are planning a moto tour you have to give a lot of thought to what you are going to wear. In some instances, these types of rides go on for days, and you need to make sure that you are comfortable the entire time. Start from the boots up weeks before your moto tour to make sure that you are going to be decked out properly.

Foot Gear

Invest in a pair of heavy duty leather motorcycle boots. There are a lot of bones in your feet that can easily be broken in an accident or even if you just accidentally run over your foot. Having sturdy boots will keep those bones in one piece. Absorbent cotton socks are also important. These keep your feet dry inside of the hot boots. If you have to, buy some powder made for foot protection to protect them while they are encased inside of the hot leather boots.

Pants and Jacket

Motorcyclists don’t wear leather because it looks cool. Well that could be one plus, but leather is also a very durable material that will protect your body in ways that even denim can’t. Have a few pairs of leather pants that fit you comfortable but are not too loose, especially at the cuff. A tight fitting leather jacket is also recommended to protect your upper half from road rash if you do accidentally end up bottoming out.



Despite what you may have been told to the contrary, a helmet is a must when riding your motorcycle. Choose one that fits your head comfortably and is not so heavy that it hurts your neck. If you are riding with any passengers, they should be wearing a helmet too.


Leather gloves are a good accessory to have, especially when it get colder. These will also help protect your hands if your bike ends up sliding out from under you. Sunglasses can also help cut down on glare and give you a better view of the road in front of you.

Fashion accessories should be kept to a minimum. Stay away from large earrings and loose bracelets. A tight fitting watch is okay. Another nice accessory for a motorcyclist who is on a long moto tour is an essential oil diffuser necklace. These are attractive necklaces that give off the scent of your choice.

After spending hours on a bike in tight leather, you are going to appreciate the pleasing scents that essential oils give off. Try scents like lavender, which can be uplifting, or jasmine which helps fight stress and anxiety. If you want a more subtle scent for the diffuser necklace go with rosemary. This scent is known to improve your mental performance and may help you stay steady on the long motorcycle ride. All of this information and more can be found by heading over to www.Scentsationoil.com.

Click here for more essentials you are going to need to bring with you on your tour.

How you dress is going to make a big difference in your overall experience on your moto tour. If you choose clothes that are comfortable and keep you protected along with dual purpose accessories, you are going to have a good time leaning back on your bike and passing the world on by.

How to Maintain That Hunky Look By Growing Your Beard

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badass motorcycle rider

Are you this badass?

There is nothing more appealing than seeing a man riding a bike with that manly look and beautifully shaped beard. If you are aiming to look just like that, then you should read on. Most men of today would prefer to look clean and shave of that beard as they would like to impress their boss or they just want to look clean. However, if you are looking forward to a new style, you will want to look more attractive in a manly way by growing that beard.

Growing beard may take a lot of time and patience, maintaining it is also the same story. But if you really want to look like your favorite action star riding on a bike like Ryan Reynolds or Brad Pitt. These are two pretty men and they definitely look more adorable with their facial hair on. You cannot deny that hunk look if you trim your beard with the right shape.

When it comes to trimming your beard you will have to consider various things. First, you must master the shape of your face to enhance angles that will make your beard look good on you. Then you will have to picture the shape and length of the beard that you want so you don’t overgrow or over trim it. It is also essential that you have the right tool to trim your facial hair. Make sure you get hold of a beard trimmer that can trim different lengths of facial hair. Go look at some reviews on BeardInstitute.com for inspiration.

Trimming your beard may be challenging at first, but with enough practice, you will surely get used to this. Don’t allow your beard to grow to a length that is hard for you to maintain. Knowing that this is growing hair, you should treat it the same way you treat the hair that grows on your scalp. If its long enough to use shampoo and conditioner to keep your beard soft and smooth, you should do this often as possible. Keeping your facial hair clean must be part of your daily hygiene.

After grooming your beard, you now have time to furnish that motorbike rider look. You can accessorize and wear those leather jacket and shoes. Maybe a pair of tethered jeans and shades can help complete that overall hunk look. With that clean face and trimmed beard you have, you can truly look like the action star you’ve always wanted in movies. No doubt you will win the hearts of all the women out there staring at your adorable manly look.

Get more info from our site here.

How to keep up on your hygiene when on a motorcycle tour

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You can’t always take your washroom with you when you’re on the road. Having limited space, as you do on a motorcycle, you need to pack smart and efficiently. You’re going to have to work with where you end up during your travels; gas station rest rooms, hotel/motel stops or anything in between. Now just because you can’t pack all your favorite things, doesn’t mean you can’t pack the necessities. Being on the road is no excuse to lack in the hygiene department. There are tons of options made specifically for taking care while traveling.

Here’s a few small things you’re going to want to make sure you have tucked away with you, whether you’re on a weekend tour or more

1) Not to be too obvious, but don’t forget your trusty toothbrush.

Whether you’re a manual brusher or a fan of the electric variety, make sure you have one handy wherever you go. This is standard for hygiene in your everyday life. If you do use electric tooth brushes, keep in mind that you may need a plug to charge it, or ensure you have extra batteries handy if it is battery powered.

If your mouth is fresh, it might not matter that you skipped a day (or two) of showers. You can wash a day’s worth of dirt off, but you really can’t go back in time and fix the damage done to your teeth by bacteria left behind.

2) With bacteria in mind, it likes to hide in all sorts of places. Pack your floss.

Yes, flossing can add a minute or two to your morning and evening routine. It’s something many people overlook even though it’s importance has been stressed by professionals for decades. It doesn’t have to be as painful these days, and you certainly should not discount it from your life. With this in mind while you’re riding your motor cycle for days on end, you might not want to be sticking your hands in your mouth too often to get that thorough flossing done. A great new product has surfaced lately; water-flossing. You can easily get cordless ones to take on the road with you, and it completely eliminates the need for that dreaded pain your gums, the need for putting your (possibly) dirty hands in your mouth, and makes it much easier and faster to get rid of the nasty bacteria and plaque left behind after brushing our teeth. This should be number one on your list.

3) Shower’s aren’t always available where you might be staying. Motorcycle tours can bring you anywhere. Make sure keep a cleansing pack with you on your trip.

This pack can and should include the following: hand sanitizer, 2-in-1 body wash (preferably travel size), and wet wipes (or any variation of a moist cleansing wipe).

Sanitizer is a great, quick way to wipe away germs and bits of dirt during your ride. This is a great thing to have if, for example, a restroom is out of soap. If you know you’ll be hitting a motel or hotel at any point during your tour, 2-in-1 body wash is something you’ll never want to live without. It’ll take care of grease on your body and hair, and you’ll be in and out in mere minutes, feeling great and clean. Lastly, wet wipes will clean anything, anywhere, anytime. Rainy and muddy out? No worries, wipe down in a minute or less. Sweaty? Take a wet-wipe-bath. They’re not a permanent solution to hygiene, but they’ll do in a pinch. Especially when you’re on the road.