How to keep up on your hygiene when on a motorcycle tour

How to keep up on your hygiene when on a motorcycle tour

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You can’t always take your washroom with you when you’re on the road. Having limited space, as you do on a motorcycle, you need to pack smart and efficiently. You’re going to have to work with where you end up during your travels; gas station rest rooms, hotel/motel stops or anything in between. Now just because you can’t pack all your favorite things, doesn’t mean you can’t pack the necessities. Being on the road is no excuse to lack in the hygiene department. There are tons of options made specifically for taking care while traveling.

Here’s a few small things you’re going to want to make sure you have tucked away with you, whether you’re on a weekend tour or more

1) Not to be too obvious, but don’t forget your trusty toothbrush.

Whether you’re a manual brusher or a fan of the electric variety, make sure you have one handy wherever you go. This is standard for hygiene in your everyday life. If you do use electric tooth brushes, keep in mind that you may need a plug to charge it, or ensure you have extra batteries handy if it is battery powered.

If your mouth is fresh, it might not matter that you skipped a day (or two) of showers. You can wash a day’s worth of dirt off, but you really can’t go back in time and fix the damage done to your teeth by bacteria left behind.

2) With bacteria in mind, it likes to hide in all sorts of places. Pack your floss.

Yes, flossing can add a minute or two to your morning and evening routine. It’s something many people overlook even though it’s importance has been stressed by professionals for decades. It doesn’t have to be as painful these days, and you certainly should not discount it from your life. With this in mind while you’re riding your motor cycle for days on end, you might not want to be sticking your hands in your mouth too often to get that thorough flossing done. A great new product has surfaced lately; water-flossing. You can easily get cordless ones to take on the road with you, and it completely eliminates the need for that dreaded pain your gums, the need for putting your (possibly) dirty hands in your mouth, and makes it much easier and faster to get rid of the nasty bacteria and plaque left behind after brushing our teeth. This should be number one on your list.

3) Shower’s aren’t always available where you might be staying. Motorcycle tours can bring you anywhere. Make sure keep a cleansing pack with you on your trip.

This pack can and should include the following: hand sanitizer, 2-in-1 body wash (preferably travel size), and wet wipes (or any variation of a moist cleansing wipe).

Sanitizer is a great, quick way to wipe away germs and bits of dirt during your ride. This is a great thing to have if, for example, a restroom is out of soap. If you know you’ll be hitting a motel or hotel at any point during your tour, 2-in-1 body wash is something you’ll never want to live without. It’ll take care of grease on your body and hair, and you’ll be in and out in mere minutes, feeling great and clean. Lastly, wet wipes will clean anything, anywhere, anytime. Rainy and muddy out? No worries, wipe down in a minute or less. Sweaty? Take a wet-wipe-bath. They’re not a permanent solution to hygiene, but they’ll do in a pinch. Especially when you’re on the road.

Educational And Informative Details About Things You Need To Bring On A Motorcycle Tour

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A motorcycle tour is usually full of fun and adventure especially when with other people. This is why many people in South America take time to ride their motor bikes for tours so that they can enjoy the trips. But such tours require proper planning since there are some things that people should carry so as to make the tours more comfortable. The size of the motorcycles and the length of the tour will be the primary determinant of the things to carry. Some of these things are essential and cannot readily be found on the way. This makes it paramount for one to remember them prior to stating the tour. Here are things you need to bring on a motorcycle tour.


There are some essential things which must be incorporated on a bike tour regardless of the length of the tour. Some of these things include a first aid kit and motorbike repair tools. A first aid kit is paramount because accidents can happen even when taking short tours and one needs to receive first aid even before going to a hospital. The motorcycle repair tools such as a tire gauge, spare nuts, hose clumps, wrenches and nuts are also important since if the bike experiences a mechanical problem the journey will be disrupted. This is especially important while taking a tour on remote areas where it is not easy to find places where the bikes can be repaired. If these thing are carried by several people it might not be necessary for everyone on the tour to carry their own. However this requires good communication so as to ensure at least several people are carrying these essential things. Therefore, a first aid kit and motorcycle tools are the first things that should be packed while taking motorcycle tours.

Appropriate clothing and safety gears

Motorcycles tours in South America involve going through terrains with different weather conditions most of them being windy. Some of the suitable clothing for such tours include sweatshirts, sweaters, gloves, sunglasses, rain gear, sunscreens and ear plugs. It is also important to carry several t-shirts, several pairs of socks, change underwear and a small toiletry kit especially if the tour is relatively long. Clothing’s cannot be shared and hence each person needs to carry their own clothing. For safety purposes it is paramount to get the best motorcycle helmet and protective gear you can afford, which can minimize injuries in case of accidents. One of the coolest lids that you can tour around in is the Bell Rogue – have a look at a Bell Rogue review right here.

Camping and cooking amenities

Most motorcycles tours take several days and people might not be able to access motels or other places where they can sleep or refresh. This makes it paramount to carry camping gears such as lightweight tents, appropriate sleeping bags, flashlights with extra batteries and candle lanterns with extra candles. People should also carry water and packed food which does not go bad fast to minimize cooking. But if it will be necessary to cook during the tour, it is advisable to carry food which can be cooked easily, matches,light weight propane stoves, utensils and dish washing supplies in case the utensils are not disposable. It is not necessary for everyone on the tour to carry cooking amenities since it can be arranged for several riders to carry enough amenities to cater for all the people on the tour. Therefore, these things you need to bring on a motorcycle tour will make the tour more enjoyable and convenient.

Getting inspiration from some famous female motorcycle riders

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It is a tremendous letdown that motorcycling is so frequently seen as a man’s activity. Although the outdated machismo ideal of a rough-riding male motorcycle rider is on its way out, women can still face riders can still face difficulties because of their gender. Most media representations either negatively stereotype or outright exclude women motorcyclists. Female riders might be discouraged by what they feel to be societal pressure that says riding a motorcycle is not the ‘proper thing’ for women to do. Thankfully, the history of motorcycling is loaded with examples of women who would not be told what to do, who rode motorcycles because that’s what they wanted to do.

Here are some stories of women who have persevered through the adversity and, through a combination of bravery and determination, paved the road for women motorcyclists everywhere to take to the adventurous road with freedom and independence.

1) The Van Buren Sisters

Augusta and Adeline Van Buren were pioneering motorcyclists. In 1916, (four years before the nineteenth amendment was passed to allow women to vote) they jumped on their bikes and began an adventure across the United States to become the first women to make it from coast to coast on motorcycles. They rode from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, arriving three months after their departure due to technical difficulties they ran into in the middle of country. Augusta was quoted as saying, “Woman can, if she will.” These two women are testaments to the spirit of strength and independence in all travelers.

2) Dorothy Robinson

Dot Robinson (born 1912) and her husband Earl rode in motorcycle competitions across the country. They biked it across the continent together in 1935, and in 1940 Dorothy became the first female winner of an AMA national competition when she was victorious in the Jack Pine National Endurance Competition in Michigan. Her success and conviction were important in opening motorcycling competitions to women. She showed that motorcycling wasn’t about gender, that it was about the individual sitting on top of the bike. She became an early role model for female motorcycle riders throughout the country, at a time when getting on a motorcycle could severely damage a woman’s reputation.

3) Bessie Stringfield, “The Motorcycle Queen of Miami”

Bessie Stringfield was a young African American woman who knew she wanted to bike from the time she was 16 years old, when she rode her first motorcycle. When she was only 19 years old, she started a transcontinental ride through the 48 contiguous states. In World War II, she served as one of only a few motorcycle dispatch riders for the military. She made many circuits through the Deep South during a time of harsh racial divisions and prejudice, riding as a figure of freedom and independence. She was an iconic figure in challenging traditional gender and racial prejudices and stereotypes.

4) Louise Scherbyn

Louise Scherbyn founded the Women’s International Motorcycle Association in the 1950’s. In creating an institution for female riders, she made a milestone in securing their legitimacy and credibility. The Women’s International Motorcycle Association made a brave assertion: we are women love to ride motorcycles, and we aren’t going anywhere. Louise was bold enough to be a public presence and spokesperson for oppressed riders everywhere that were stopped from pursuing their passions just because of their gender.

Best motorcycle tour locations in South America

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The ideal motorcycling route in South America is to make your way down the Chile-Argentina border. You will wind through idyllic mountains and see some of the most breathtaking parts of the world up close and personal. Here are some of the stops you might want to make along the way:


Santiago, Chile is an ideal tourist destination. The Capital of Chile, it is home to the Presidential Palace, which offers guided tours.  Santiago is has one of the most beautiful skylines in South America (which includes the tallest building in Latin America), and is one of its most rapidly developing cities. There is no shortage of beautiful sites to see. There are wonderful vistas, forests, beaches, and, (above all) mountains. The city itself is located in the country’s main valley, but it is surrounded by some of the tallest mountains in South America. Several long and serenely landscaped motorcycle routes will take you through the parks, valleys, and mountains on the city’s outskirts.

Santiago is also famous for its food and wine, which are quite reasonably priced. A must-see is its underground cultural center, which features beautiful rotating art and exhibitions. Santiago will give you the full taste of Chilean culture.


Buenos Aires is one of the biggest cities in the World. If you’re in Argentina, don’t deprive yourself of a trip to the capital. Buenos Aires has got it all going on – from delicious South American dining to a diaspora of culture and entertainment.

But the real gems of Argentina for a motorcyclist are the long stretches of empty roads and scenery, like the famous Salinas Grandes, large ‘salt deserts’ with a sparse beauty that’s quite unlike anything else in the world:

If you are a wine lover, make sure you stop at the Valles Calchaquies. On your road there you’ll see great grey forests and inland lakes. The clouds look like they might swallow the mountains. But check out the awesome vineyards:

Although the Argentina-Chile route is a must-ride for anyone who wants to real experience of South America (it is the route famously taken by Che Guevara, described in his famous book The Motorcycle Diaries), there a number of other choice Latin American destinations you might want to pass on your way that I’ll mention briefly:

1. Ecuador

Ecuador is unbeatable in its biodiversity. Ecuador gives a whole new definition to the word Tropical. Ecuador has an amazing combination of the Amazon flavor and the Andes mountains. The flora and fauna are guaranteed to bring out the nature lover in you. Stop by Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands if you want a taste of what inspired Darwin. If you choose to take your bike out into the mountain roads, you might see some sights you will never forget: